Electret is a sidescrolling puzzle/platformer in where the player creates their own platforms by using magnetism to move objects in the environment. It was built on a strict 3 month deadline by myself and 5 other people, using UDK as our platform. Because of the 3 month deadline, and the fact that we had a team of all Designers, I had to wear many hats during the production of Electret. These included:

  • Game Designer
  • Lead Scripter
  • Level Designer
  • Kismet and Matinee Designer
  • QA Tester

(More info, images, download, etc coming very soon)

Green Lantern: War of Light (A fan game)

In one of my game design classes, we were given one week to create a board game based on some kind of pop culture item. Seeing as I’m a huge DC Comics fan, I went ahead and chose to create a fan game based on the current run of Green Lantern comics. My original design was kept fairly simple since I only had a week to complete it. Players traveled across a game board that had pre-set paths to follow and tried to conquer/protect various planets in the DC Universe. They did this by rolling dice to try and match specific numbers. The assignment went over well but I decided to go back to it and really flesh the idea out in my spare time.

As the game stands now, it’s much broader in scope. It’s a three player game now and it takes place on a wide open circular board. Players are still tasked with conquering/protecting planets in the DC Universe but they are free to traverse the board whichever way they want, they can battle with each other, take planets away from each other, train new recruits, and use action cards to boost stats (or hurt them!). I’m currently testing the various aspects of the game and trying to find any edge cases. Soon I’ll start creating the final board and cards and I can share them on this page!

12 hours (Working Title)

Once I’ve completed my Green Lantern fan game, a friend and I will begin pre-production on an original survival horror board game that I’ve been wanting to make. We have a few things settled on but we’re still very early in the design process. I won’t go into too many details at the moment but I’m hoping to share more info very soon.


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