Design Pitch

As part of my Team Building class, I was placed in a small team with my peers and we were tasked with creating a game design pitch to win a contract with a fictional company. The design was open to whatever we could imagine. The only stipulation was that we had to design the game based around a single episode of the television show “Invader Zim”. We formed Criptik Studios and immediately got to work.

After studying the episode, we got together to brainstorm ideas for the gameplay we wanted and how we could fit a game within the world and that particular episode. Throughout the month, I helped keep the team on schedule, gathered artwork from the show that we could use in the presentation, photoshopped the artwork however we needed, and helped design/assemble the actual presentation. I was also responsible for designing the side missions for our game.

At the end of the month, we found out that we had won the contract and received an A+ for our efforts. You can view our design pitch in the link below.

Criptik Studios Design Pitch


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